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BEE’S beginnings...

BEE began in 2008 when a group of parents realised that their children, whilst becoming fluent in French, were losing their English reading and writing skills - or never developing them. They recognised that integration into the French education system was essential and wanted their children to integrate fully into the country in which they had chosen to live. They also wanted to be able to share their own culture with their children: the books they had loved, the nursery rhymes they had sung, the games they had played.


BEE has been steadily successful from day one, held on Wednesdays, when French schools were closed, it is a thriving association offering classes for primary school children.


For the return to school in September 2023 we have updated our curriculum and details can be found in the Classes page.

BEE is a not-for-profit association, which means the charges for classes are as low as they can reasonably be. All fees are ploughed back into teaching, and buying and maintaining the best resources. The day to day running of the association is carried out by a committee made up entirely of volunteers. 

Our teachers are all UK trained and have a wealth of teaching experience. They aim to provide creative and stimulating classes in a friendly, supportive environment. Their concern is to enable pupils, of all ages, to flourish, and grow in confidence. If you are interested in joining our team of teachers and have the relevant experience, please contact us.


Classes are held on Wednesday afternoons at Notre Dame School in Eymet - a convenient, central position, easy for parents to access. Our students come from Dordogne, Gironde and Lot et Garonne.


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